Did you know all that about insurance companies?

An insurance company has a major role to play in our life. Insurance provider’s job is to sell insurance to his policy holders.

Insurance companies are divided into 2 forms-


  • Life insurance- insurance provider will cover you with life insurance and also with pension funds.

  • Property insurance- it is the kind of policy in which insurance provider will insist you in purchasing insurance policies like insurance for vehicle, health, house or any other kind of valuables.

Insurance is form of a contract that is done in form of a policy between the provider and the holder and carries risk management. According to the proceedings, client will have to pay premium to the insurance company depending upon the insurance rate. Insurance rate will be also dependent on the risk that involves insurance companies. Like if someone is seeking life insurance and is healthy person and not prone to life threatening disease, then risk is lower and accordingly the premium will be lowered.

In other words, we can articulate that insurance is all about schemes and evaluations done for the people who are part of insurance. It is the sole responsibility of the insurance provider to trace out how much coverage a client can be covered with and how much they are requisite to pay as a premium.

Insurance provider not only aim in providing policies to the holders, but at the same time he has to make sure that he serves well to their New York insurance companies and bring in maximum profits.

Following are the responsibilities of insurance provider-

  • When client comes with his insurance applications to the provider, it is the provider who will firstly undergo all the details about the application and then according move on with the proceedings that are to be done in order to provide the service to the client. He will also check the medical proof of the client.

  • The insurance company will then have a confirmation on behalf of the insurance provider by either meeting the client or by having a telephonic interview and trace all the issues related to client.

  • The insurance provider also has a right to seek the copy of medical record from the family doctor of the client who is insured.

Whenever you are planning to get insured from the insurance company, follow the below points-

  • Company’s reputation

  • Premium they provide

  • Financial stability of the company

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